Foliage Plants

Alpinia Zerumbet VariegataAlpinia zerumbet variegata200mmVariegated Shell Ginger
A rhizomatous perennial shell ginger that produces very showy clumps of green and yellow leaves up to 2m in height. An excellent understory plant for the warmer areas, requiring consistent moisture levels to look good.
Asplenium NidusAsplenium nidus200mmBroad Crested
An unusual crowsnest fern with a forking or crested tip to the leaves. Grows quite okay indoors in a well lit position or in a shady well drained garden.
Asplenium Norfolk GemAsplenium Norfolk Gem200mmNorfolk Gem
A broad leaf form of crowsnest, which is hardy and yet fast growing. It is most suited for indoors, patios and shaded gardens with minimal watering.
Asplenium OsakaAsplenium Osaka200mmOsaka
A crowsnest that produces leaves with a rippled or ruffled margin, making an extremely attractive specimen
Beaucarnea RecurvataBeaucarnea recurvata200mm
Pony Tail
A drought tolerant plant with a crown of pendulous strap like leaf on a stem that is quite swollen at the base. This plant makes a perfect patio plant.
Codeaium sp.Codeaium sp.
A colourful small shrub grown for its multi-coloured leathery looking leaves. Most cultivars are tropical by nature and grow best in protected part shade position. Water sparingly during winter.
Cordyline FruticosaCordyline fruticosa200mm
Assorted varieties
These generally small colourful plants are grown in the tropics for their year round coloured foliage. Cultivars are available in virtually every shade of colour and make an excellent understory plant.
Cordyline AustralisCordyline australis200mm
Red Sensation
An upright type of cordyline with red-maroon strap like leaves. It tolerates full sun exposure and requires a well drained soil.
Dracaena Marginata- Black KnightDracaena marginata- black knight200mm
Black Knight
A small branching tree or shrub with cane like stems and trunks producing a crown of black-green coloured strap like leaves. It is best grown in full sun but will tolerate a wide range of light conditions.
Dracaena Marginata- ColouramaDracaena marginata- colourama200mm
A pink coloured cultivator of marginata, that makes an excellent patio plant or addition to any area of the garden. Full sun is required for best colouration.
Dracaena Marginata – Tri ColourDracaena marginata – tri colour200mm
A light pink, yellow and cream cultivator that whilst not as showy as the colourama it is much hardier and more cold tolerant.
Dracaena DracoDracaena draco200mm
An evergreen tree with a thick robust trunk that with maturity branches out to form a generally symmetrical specimen. A very attractive specimen plant with bluish-green strap like leaf.
Furcraea FoetidaFurcraea foetida200mm
arigated maritius hemp
An eye catching perennial with dramatically striped green and cream foliage in an almost rosette form. Makes an excellent specimen plant in a sunny position. Requires little water.
Pandanus Pedunculatis Pandanus pedunculatis200mm
Screw Pine
An excellent small tree with distinctive prop roots to aid anchorage for arid areas and seaside gardens. The unique spiraling nature of the leaves makes an interesting feature of this species. The leaves are bluish-green and have thorny
Pandanus UtilisPandanus utilis200mm
Red edge Pandanus
This pandanus has a red margin to its rich green leaves, that spiral up the trunk. It generally branches to form a nice symmetrical shape. Suits full sun to part shade.
Pennisetum Advena RubrumPennisetum advena rubrum200mmRed Fountain Grass
This compact red leaved grass, growing to 1m in height, makes a great colour splash when growing in full sun. It is best when cut back on a regular basis to allow new growth to show its best colour and form.
Philodendron - XanaduPhilodendron - Xanadu200mmA compact deep green foliage plant that is best used in mass plantings grows to about 1m and is best grown in part shade in warmer climates.
Ravenala MadagascarensisRavenala madagascarensis200mm
Travellers Palm
A member of the banana family with long intact leaves that emerge in 2 distinct directions giving the plant a somewhat two-dimensional look. It can grown quite tall and will clump from the base.
Sanseveria Hahnii- DwarfSanseveria hahnii- dwarf200mmA compact rosette, which clumps to form a very hardy ground cover requiring very little water, and one that tolerates some fairly harsh conditions. In essence it thrives on neglect.
Sanseveria Hahnii  - TigerSanseveria hahnii - Tiger200mmA short form growing to roughly 30-40cm with leaves 50-75cm in width. This form makes an excellent patio or tub plant that requires very little watering.
Sanseveria Trifasciata LaurentiiSanseveria trifasciata laurentii200mm
A green and gold variegated form that clumps from short rhizomes to produce upright sword shaped leaves. Growing to about 1m in height in makes an excellent pot plant for well-lit areas that receive little water.
Sanseveria Silbersee - MoonshineSanseveria silbersee - moonshine200mmThis variety produces short, thick, silvery grey leaves that at times have an almost velvet look and feel. Great for tubs or as a patio plant.
Schefflera Arbicola Schefflera arbicola 200mm
Madam de Smit
A hardy variegated form of the umbrella tree. It branches well and forms a dense bush, giving best results in a part shade environment. Great indoors or on patios.
Spathiphyllum sp.Spathiphyllum sp.200mm
Peace Lily
These shade-loving plants form clumps of glossy, dark green leaves, with white cobra shaped flowers. Each variety has subtle differences but all make excellent indoor plants.
Strelitzia NicholiStrelitzia
Large Bird of Paradise
A tall clump forming variety producing long broad entire leaves on its trunk up to 6m in height. A great screening plant producing large flowers white and blue in colour.
Stelitzia ReginaeStelitzia reginae200mm
Bird on Paradise
A clump forming plant to roughly 1-2m in height, the leaves are broad and bluish-green in colour on a long stem, giving rise to striking orange and blue flowers. Best results in full sun and in well watered positions.
Syzgium Australe – “Aussie Boomer”Syzgium australe – “Aussie Boomer”200mm
Aussie Boomer
A naturally compact type of lily pily that is an excellent choice for hedging. This shrub produces glossy green leaves that emerge as bronze/red in colour, giving the plant a reddish glow.
Yucca ElephantipesYucca elephantipes200mm
Giant Yucca
A slow growing small tree with a rough sturdy trunk giving rise to a rosette, sword shaped, leaf. It makes a very ornamental and hardy potted plant for well lit areas.
Yucca Elephantipes – Artola Gold Yucca elephantipes – Artola Gold 200mm
A green and gold variegated form that is both hardy and colourful. It makes an excellent tub specimen.
Yucca - StarlightYucca - Starlight200mm
A grey variegated form of Yucca elephantipes. This selection makes an attractive potted specimen and as with all yuccas it thrives on very little water.
Zamioculcas ZamiifoliaZamioculcas zamiifolia140mm
Zanzibar Gem
The ultimate “thrives on neglect” house plant. It produces clumps of glossy green pinnate leaves up to 1m in height arising from underground corns. Zanzibar Gems grow quite readily in very low light situations provided they are kept relatively dry.